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     The following genealogy of the Facemire family has been compiled by Don and Deanna Facemire from various sources, including state archive and vital statistics records, cemetery records, and from living family members. Unfortunately, because of the nature of such records, mistakes are possible and probable, both with respect to actual statistics and data input. Although the author has attempted to verify as many sources as possible, older records should be considered suspect. This compilation is intended to provide family members with knowledge of their origins, but is not intended to be considered an authoritative source on the Facemire or other families listed herein since the author has not had access to all possible family records. Finally, this document is subject to the copyright laws of the United States. This genealogy is provided to family members for a small donation to help defray the cost of publication with the understanding that their contributions to its creation has made this genealogy compilation possible.  However, this genealogy compilation may not be used for any other reason other than personal use without the express written consent of Don and Deanna Facemire, 209 Big Oak Road Route 8, South Charleston, WV 25309.


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                    Deanna Kay Facemire   

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I take this opportunity to give Special thanks to all those wonderful Family and Friends who gave so willing of their time and information so as to make this Web Site possible: 

Earl & Wilma Ferguson of Fredericktown,Ohio

Charles F. Facemire of Bennington, Indiana

Edna Facemire of Rising Sun, Indiana

Mitchell B. Facemire of Birch River, WV

Charles & Delphia Facemire of Tesla, WV

Ronald L. Facemire Sutton, WV

Ernest L. Facemire of Bays, WV

Anna L. Cutlip of Haymarket, Virginia

Zina M Facemire of Alexandria, Virginia 

Guy & Katie Facemire of Nedina, Ohio 

William H Facemire of Cecilia, KY 

Corina F Workman of Nitro, WV

Freda Facemire of Gallipolis, OH 

Katie Facemire of Tornado, WV

Lora F. Facemyer of Elkview, WV

Dorthy Facemyers of Indore, WV

Sarah J. Oldham of Charleston, WV

Helen K. Butcher of Albany, GA

James W. Facemire of Fairmont, WV

Leslie & Karen Facemyer of Ripley, WV

Thelma Sharlow of Brattleboro, VT

Barbara Schulz of Oneco, FL

Walter E. Facemyre of Ravenswood, WV

Montie A. Facemire of Lakeland, FL

Joan McKenzie of Summersville, WV

Kenneth & Janice Facemyer of Sanford, FL

Allen S. Facemire of Norcross, GA

Shirley J. Biltz of Avon, OH

Joyce L. Facemire of Beltsville, MD

Kenton & Rhonda Fisher of Sissonville, WV

Richard L. Facemire Pittsburgh, PA

Charles E. Facemire Pittsburgh, PA

Marlene B. Facemire Gassaway, WV

And to all the other folks that has helped in making this Web Page possible, Thank you so much.







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